Tuesday, January 20, 2015

blaow blaow blaow

I had an peri-anal abcess burst today and the smell of blood and pus reminded me exactly of the leaking abcess that my dog had growing in his ear before we put him down.

Last week I ate mcdonalds, burger king, chinese food (white rice isn't good for someone with strictured intestines), I drank a bunch of lemon snapples, which always fuck me up.  Also had at least one slice of pizza and some soda.  These are all things that fuck me up.

My diet needs some sort of routine and I definitely need to start juicing more if I want to ever be a decently healthy person.

I had an imaginary flash-forward of getting diagnosed with worse diseases if I don't start taking care of myself better.  Now is just as good a time as any other time to try and smarten up I suppose!

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