Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shit Stick Smear

So I told my doctor there was recently some redness in my stool, which I'm pretty sure was just vegetables because I've been eating a good amount of red ones. But better safe than being one with bloody feces, that's where the Henry Schein One Step Slide Test for Fecal Occult Blood comes in! Great quality and reliable product, the packaging consists of these three things.

1. Directions
2. A swiping card
3. 3 wooden sticks.

If you can't figure out how it works, all you really do is shit on a piece of toilet paper in your toilet bowl, get a shit-stick sample, and then just wipe it on the card in one of the three specified ovals. Should be fun, I'll post the results if there are any...and by that I mean the doctor's results, not just pictures of my shit smeared on an index card hahaha.

I've opted to NOT take my swine flu shot just because of this video Well I mean more for other reasons but this video is really sad and def did not help convince me I needed another flu shot. Although I have a "weakaned" immune system, I don't even really think I do my doctors said my medicine doesn't really affect my white blood cells too much.

Besides that I've just been chillin' and feeling pretty healthy, the occasional cramp every now and then but it's not really that serious, and diarrhea is pretty on and off so whatever. Still getting my monthly bloodwork, whatever it takes like ten seconds and sometimes a cute blonde takes it from me and I talk to her about things. I've even had the occasional sip (or two) of alcohol with really no side-effects besides turning into a belligerent fuck.

I still never put that video up, I will get to it soon and do it for real! Maybe I will start editing it now, I just have SO much footage. You'll see haha.

Happy Thanksgiving btw! Tofurkey!

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  1. your blog fascinates me. is that creepy? i have crohn's too but there was no internet when i was 14 or so and so i never really had anyone to talk to about it back then. but what fascinates me is how revealing you are in this blog. like taking pics. wow! why?! i mean, why not. but i guess i'm curious - do your friends read it? are they weirded out by it? all power to you. think it really helps other crohn's sufferers but wondering what you get out of it. hope that's not too nosy.