Monday, September 22, 2014

Fun Facts!

Did you know that some nights I sleep on the couch with the TV on because I'm afraid of waking up in my bed with an obstructed bowel.  For some reason I feel safer on a couch.

Did you know that I've been lying to my family for 2 years when I was telling them I've been healthy?

Did you know that I shit my pants twice last year?  Both on campus.

Did you know I've been mostly shitting brown water 3 times a day since February of this year?  A solid bowel movement is a rare thing.

Did you know I spent the summer eating pizza, mcdonalds, and drinking soda and now I feel sick again?

My argument to eating whatever I wanted was "YOLO".  But on second thought if you only live once, then you shouldn't spend your entire life shitting your brains out.

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