Monday, September 14, 2009

gettin' fit.

I'm actually at the point where i could almost lose a few pounds!  it's exciting to be overweight again, especially when my weight has been all over the place within the past few months, and it's usually been pretty low.  I wouldn't even say I'm overweight actually, it's more like I'm just not in shape at all haha.

I went to visit my surgeon again last week and it was my last post-op hopefully I won't ever see him ever again haha.  When I was laying down he pressed down on my belly and asked me to do a sit-up to check for any big bulges in my stomach, and he was not happy at all at the fact that I could barely fucking do one haha.  He suggested that I start doing something to get in shape and that I start pushing myself a little bit more, I do sometimes get a little tired every now and then but that is just from being too lazy I think.  He also said I should continue to follow up with my gastro doctor in NY, who I have still yet to even see since after the surgery haha.  I will probably call this week to schedule something, I'm just a big procrastinator.

I still go to the bathroom pretty frequently and it's usually more like diarrhea still.  Apparently It's better to hold it in so it can become solid but it's really uncomfortable to hold an urgent shit in so I usually just go sit on the toilet.  I'm still going like 3-5 times a day so it's really not that bad.  

School started last Tuesday, and I still haven't bought any textbooks...I should probably get on that I guess.  My schedule is pretty easy and not to stressful so it's not that much of a bummer to go.  Most days I have one class, and it's usually early so I still get my whole day and I can even go home after and take a nap if I need to.  I do have a saturday class which kinda is shitty but whatever.

So anyway, I'm trying to get in shape.  Well technically I'm not trying yet since I haven't really done anything haha, but since I am posting it on here now I will probably start.  Holy shit my mom just took this picture and I look like a pregnant man.  This is me standing up straight not really pushing out but I did take a little breath.  

And of course I had to take a sexy-gut mirror pic

Not so bad I guess...but really not so great either.  Let's see if I can actually commit to getting in shape, I'm thinking like 100+ crunches a day, maybe some running, pushups, and some other things.

Also, here is a picture from a few months ago that I always wanted to put up but then I got sick too quickly and kinda had to skip some posts since some other things took blog priority.

One of the most adorable, yet disgusting pictures I think I have on my computer.  Marley just loves to sniff things!  Especially things that reek I guess, and no I did not let him lick the bag or eat my shit, that would not be nice.  I had another picture where all the shit in my bag was green but I think I accidentally deleted it, bummer.  Shit wait nevermind I found one just checked: 

If I ever have an ostomy bag again, which hopefully I won't but if I do, I am going to dedicate one entire day to drinking like 3 bottles of a certain color of gatorade, then at the end of a day I'll take a picture.  I can def put all the pictures together and get a shitbag rainbow going.


  1. whats up bro? just wanted to let you know how awesome it is that you are sharing your story. i have had a colostomy since i was about 9. and im 22 now. there really is no going back for me at the moment. my doctors have been looking into different things but they dont have the technology yet. oh i forgot to tell you i have pretty much my entire colon out. its also from chrohns. well get back at me man. peace. btw the way im Will one of your followers.

  2. yo man! thanks for the kind words, and holy shit your whole colon? that's crazy...fuck crohn's for real haha.

    hit me up on aim if you ever wanna chat :

    aim-joe pbnj