Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Maybe it's just that time of year...but I haven't had allergies this bad in a while.  

The other day my lip was pretty swollen too it looked very silly.  I didn't really think to take a pic because I didn't think it was allergies I just thought those Doritos I ate were too spicy...late night Tacos?  Whatever they're called.  

I had work today but since I got home I've just been in bed or in the bathroom...besides my run to the pharmacy...I got some allergy medicine since the over the counter zyrtec wasn't helping, a box of "Slow-FE" (it's a slow iron releasing pill if you didn't get that), and I got a chewable probiotic pill too that I'm hoping that will somehow reduce my gas haha.  My farts are still pretty nasty, not sure if they are getting better really but they are still funny so it's all good for now.  I was at the doc's today and my iron is the only thing that's a little out of wack so that's not that big of a deal I'm stoked.

I got drunk a few days ago, like very drunk, it actually happened twice haha.  What's important is that it didn't bother my stomach at all either time.  The only thing was once I woke up and stood up I had to take a very urgent shit since it was all probably pushing out.  I'm not making a habit of drinking because 1) that would make me an ALCOHOLIC, 2) that would just be unhealthy for everything else and probably not even that fun.  I'm still on my "get drunk at most 4 times a year" policy that I put in place two years ago.  Maybe I'll make it 5 or even 6 for this year hahaha.  I mean, the last two years I probably only got drunk 2 or 3 times so I do have some rollover I'm just making up rules that accommodate what I'm trying to do though hahaha.

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  1. Hey if someone makes you mad, throw your shitbag at tyhem, ha, ha.