Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life Lessons

You know, there's a lot I learned from the past two years of my experience with Crohn's disease.  Lot's of life lessons and how to be strong and all those nice things.  Honestly though, there is one thing that I am really proud of myself for learning and I will hold it close to me for the rest of my life.


I fucking never knew how to spell that word...I don't even hesitate anymore!  haha.

Speaking of diarrhea it is happening as we speak, well as I type actually.   The probability of it happening whenever I go to shit is probably around 80 percent.  On a lighter note, my farts have definitely simmered down a lot, I'm pretty glad, I think a lot of it is from takin dem dere probiotics.  

In my economics class somehow my teacher was talking about health insurance and how his wife had to get a Colonoscoy just because she's at that age.  He said "you know when you get older you gotta get these things called colonoscopies, kinda gross I know".  I usually have a hard time paying attention of classes due to a lack of interest and a love for doodling, but when he said that my ears perked up like an excited puppy.  I wanted to be like "ooh!  ooh!  I had two of those!"  But I caught myself before I said it, because really who the fuck wants to hear that from a stranger?  I mean of course besides you, the reader, if I don't know you haha.  But anyway I was pretty much bursting from the seams just to tell my teacher that I got a lil pipe stuck up my butt.  He also mentioned his wife used to be a GI nurse which I thought was pretty cool, but I mean I can't really go up to him and be like "oh sweet!  I have Crohn's blah blah".  I mean I guess I could but I hate like saying that I feel like I'm tellin the sob story or something, even though it kinda would've been appropriate at the time.  I think I just over-think haha.  Anyway, he ended up actually telling this story again at the next class.  I think because he teaches multiple economics classes, and also hes a little old haha.  Nice guy though, it's a shame I love doodling so much.

As far as the getting in shape thing goes, I'm doing it.  Maybe not as much as I said I would, but I have been doing some crunches during the week every other day or maybe every three days haha.  We'll see, I'll post pictures once there's something actually worth posting.  

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