Saturday, August 22, 2009

munchmunchmunchiez bro

What's the best way to gain 10 pounds in 2 weeks, despite normally having no appetite?  Does anyone know?

I do!  

So now I'm 145, maybe 5 more pounds and I'm good.  Even though I'm a little tall I'm kinda slender and not that wide so any extra weight goes to my gut.  

Yesterday I got a B12 shot and got a bunch of bloodwork done, I'm pretty curious to see if I'm very malnourished still, I've been eating a lot and I feel a lot more energized, and I'm sure the B12 will help.  My doctor yesterday said I'm the man because people break his balls about bullshit all the time and I am the man and just like pretty calm about it.  He said to me "You get life."  

Eventually I would like to not be on 6-MP anymore I am going to talk to my Doctor in NY about it soon.  Of course he's gonna put a bunch of statistics in my face about how much more likely I will get back in a flare up and have acting up Crohn's...but something about taking immunosuppresants for life makes me feel a little uneasy.  My white blood count is still fine, he might even want to UP the dosage to 100mg but I'm really not down for that at all.  Of course it's all about weighing out the good and bad things, and it's hard to think about how bad having Crohn's symptoms are when you aren't really having any at all.

My bowel movements are about like 2-5 a day at this point.  I pretty much always wake up having to go which is a good thing I think!  The days where it's only like 2 times a day I usually panic, but then I realize that most normal people only really go once or twice so there's nothing really wrong with that at all!  Being normal scares me I guess because I'm so used to things being out of wack.

Life is good.

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