Wednesday, August 5, 2009

great news:

I don't have a hernia! Cool because I spent like two hours on Tuesday freaking out that I had one. Sometimes trying to look up your symptoms on the internet isn't always the greatest thing to do. I mean unless I have one still and the doctor fucked up but I don't really think that happened. I'm still a little swollen it looks pretty sick, here are two pictures, the second one looks like a leg and the swelling is the knee-cap.
I got reminded how awesome Crohn's pain feels, at least I think it was Crohn's pain. I mean they said there was no Crohn's so maybe it was just a stomach ache? If there was no disease during the surgery I don't know if it could even come back that quickly. So maybe it would just stomach cramping and me not chewing me food or eating bullshit. Even though I'm not eating meat there is a lot of non-meat bullshit you can eat! Kinda didn't realize and have been drinking a shit-ton of lemon snapples and candy bars.

On tuesday I got some sick gluten-free chocolate and vanilla oreos, they are pretty great and I'll probably bring them with me this weekend because I'm driving down to Georgia for Sat to play a show and doing a show in NC on the way down and back. I was thinking of making a weed brownie to hold me over in the car but I'm a little afraid I will fucking freak out in the car and have a bad bad bad trip.

SPEAKING OF bad trip...the other day my friends made special brownies and left one for me in the fridge, but I was out all day and not even planning on eating it for a few days at least, i'm a little partied out and taking a break from all that stuff for a while haha. BUT, I got a call that night from my sister, who apparently snacked on the brownie along with my new sis-in-law, not knowing it was special. Needless to say she was a wreck all night. She even wrote a message to herself on her arm to talk herself out of freaking out:

So update...I'm in North Carolina right now, it's Friday today we have our first show for the 3 day weekend. So far I've eaten a few meals and not really any cramping, even though I was really afraid. It's hard not to eat bullshit too when all you're making is fast food stops but so far I've had half of a Taco Bell seven layer burrito and some nachos with cheese, McDonalds pancakes and a hash brown, and some pasta and salad from a Cici's pizza.

I've been trying to stay well rested too because I know that's an important part of feeling good along with drinking a lot of fluids and that has also been going well. I've been taking naps anywhere possibly including on a couch in this cafe and on a park bench outside this morning as well as sleeping in the car during part of the 12 hour journey down here.

I'm really surprised I have never shitten (is that a word?) my pants since my reversal surgery, I've had some close calls but I'm really holding it down strong. The past few days I have been ripping fucking ridiculous amounts of nasty smelling farts though but I guess that's better than being bloated and not ripping any farts. Also, I videotaped myself taking a diarrhea today to show the fellow band mates after asking them if they wanted to see a performance of our show last week hahaha, I mean they totally knew it was of me taking a crazy shit but they still watched it.

I went to my doctor's last week and he said I was doing really great, very impressed. It was also my regular doctor who gave me the advice to do what I feel comfortable doing and not to push my body so I feel better about leaving to play drums for this weekend. He said I have to start weighing every week to keep track of that and start recording how many times I go to the bathroom. I don't think he meant record with a camera but whatever!

I've been taking B12 supplements along with the 6mp, next week I'm gonna go to my non-stomach doctor to get some blood-work done and maybe even get a B12 shot but I think the supplements are working okay. I wasn't sure if I should start taking regular vitamin supplements too because they might be binding or be a little rough on my stomach.

Tonight we are playing New Bern, NC and tomorrow we're in Atlanta GA. Lotsa driving and lots of farting but it's going to be a great time.

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