Sunday, July 5, 2009

Breakin Free

So my doc came in today and decided that even though I probably cou go home today, it would be better to just stay here just in case I have a hard time so we don't have to go back and forth and then end up just checked in the same day because that would be a bummer.  I totally understood where he was coming from, I like it here haha so I don't really mind.  That still didn't really stop me from leaving during the day at least though!  Here are some pictures from my day

If you don't know, my parents own a bakery.  Sucks to be the kids with Crohn's!  Haha nah I still pretty much eat all my favorite things anyway.  My first time I went to visit my regular doctor he asked "how do you stay so skinny with your parents and that bakery!"  And I remember just saying "Oh...I have Crohn's."  I didn't mean to sound like a dick-head but it probably came off that way haha...whatever they were just like "oh, man".  I like that doctor he's a good guy, he actually told me to write a book.  I think I mentioned that before, it's the same guy.

So me and my family have been in the process of moving into a new house, which has been going on for the past week about.  Bad timing really being in the hospital, but there's not really such thing as good timing for this shit to happen anyway!  After the bakery we decided to check up on my mom and dogs at the new house.  It's really awesome there and I'm excited to be sleeping there tomorrow.

Me and my mom.  Love her to death.    


After the trip to the bakery and my house we decided to head back.  Don't wanna be sketchy guy for too long, they probably know we leave anyways.  They probably know why I tend to reek like weed sometimes too, I guess it's okay haha.  Plus I'm not really getting a lot of nutrients/calories so I'm not trying to burn myself out.

Then a few hours ago we hit the streets of New Bruns after coming in and napping for a few hours at the hospital and being visited and hanging out with family outside.  My younger cousins actually surprised me and came to visit.  Anyone familiar with the RWJ children's hospital (still 18!) knows that there's a fountain in front with a bunch of children statues playing in the water.  My cousins were pretending to be statues and I didn't even realize they were there haha it was adorable.  After the fam left me and my dad went out for a little while.

Good day.

They took me off IV this morning but since I have a double scope tomorrow I asked if they can put me on IV fluids again to help avoid this wretched cottonmouth.  But once she checked and got the pass we saw my IV and it was tender with swelling, and I didnt really feel like getting stuck again, especially since I have to for those tests tom and can't just leave it in since I'm technically being sent home.  I only got so many good veins I'm trying to save them!

Excited for tomorrow, most likely will update tomorrow night as long as I have internet at the new home.  Going to try to update more often but I'd hate to be the boring ass guy just talking about bullshit!  I'll just post more pictures that way I don't have to use words as much.

K cya.

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