Thursday, July 9, 2009


...At least that's the way I always feel, but it's not always the case.  Your body needs to be in kinda of a relaxed state to be able to heal well.  Unfortunately, (but sometimes fortunately?) my pain tolerance is really high so I never feel like I'm in a lot of pain and that it could always be worse.  It's cool because I'm never really miserable, but I guess I should try and tune in and be a little more sympathetic to my body sometimes.

This is my morphine dispenser, if you push the button it will give you 1mg of morphine.  The max limit you could press the button is once every 10 minutes.   After my surgery on Tuesday I woke up and pushed my morphine button about 6 times before up until like 8PM, and I got a shot of dilaudin (no that's not what MJ got) when I woke up.  Once I was in the room I was tolerating the pain fine and I didn't even really think about even pushing the button until the next day.  

By like 2PM the next day I only pushed it like twice more, and once was actually my mom pushing it once by accident when we got up to walk haha.  They took my catheter out yesterday morning and I began peeing normally like an our or two after it was out.  A few minutes after they took it out, we got up to walk for the first time.  They wanted me walking at least four times a day which is what I did, but I did a pretty serious amount of laps every time so I def was trying to push myself.  It was a little painful of course, but compared to my last surgery this is a walk in the park haha.  I'm still a little weak and I haven't passed anything from my butt, but as I was walking I felt some gurgling/intestines waking up and I started burping.  

Every time the nurses came in they took my vitals and my blood pressure was really high, usually my systolic number (top number) was over 140 and eventually was over 150.  I was still feeling fine but they said that number is usually your body responding to pain and that I should try and take some more.  Once a doctor came in too and told me the same thing I started doing it a little more.   I was trying to save it for when the pain got worse because the last time it took 3 days for all the anaesthesia to flush out of my body and then after that I was in way more pain...but I don't really think that will happen this time, or at least not as severe.  

Also, morphine slows down your digestive tract a little bit so I figured if I wasn't in dire need of it then I wouldn't take it.  But once my head started getting a little heavy and I got a little headache from the blood pressure I decided to start taking some more shots.  I'm still only up to 25 now, and they're taking me off of it today since they're putting me on liquids and now I can take percocets by mouth...not really a fan of percocet but I'll take them if I gotta I guess, trying to be a tough guy doesn't really help the situation. 

My surgeon came in like an hour ago and took my padding off and then proceeded to poke around for a few minutes.  I felt like he was throwing jabs at my stomach haha but I guess he just wanted to make sure everything was alright:

Looks pretty sweet!  Gotta love that nice shave job they did haha.  He told me to just watch the area on the right where the stoma was for like oozing or extra pain because that means it's infected and that is no good.  Where the fuck did my bellybutton go?  They said I'll probably have a little one afterwards haha I guess we'll see.  The plan as of now is to start me on liquids today, see how that goes, and then gradually advance my diet.  They were talking about maybe even sending me home this weekend which would be sick.  They said they'll probably take these staples out in like two weeks, that's going to be some serious shit haha, we'll see how that goes when the time comes.

They just took my blood pressure and it's pretty much back to normal so that's a good sign!  I'm gonna take it real easy with the liquids so my stomach doesn't freak out and I don't puke, so hopefully that will work out.

Can't wait for the frequent battery acid diarrhea I've been reading so much about!

Side note:  Yesterday on full house Danny Tanner kissed DJ's spanish teacher.  And this morning on Saved by the Bell, Zack's father kissed Miss Bliss.  Both relationships did not work out.  Also yesterday Sabrina the teenage witch farted.  iCarly's brother joined a rock band but got kicked out.  Spongebob did a bunch of typical spongebob shit,  And Victoria Stilwell turned two people's canine relationships around on Animal Planet's new hit series "It's Me or The Dog"

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