Tuesday, July 7, 2009

That's it?

Really?  Hahaha alright I guess.  Easiest shit ever, and this pain compared to the perf. bowel ileostomy surgery is like 15 percent if even that.  My surgeon didn't even feel that the NG tube was necessary!  This is really awesome and weird.  Even better news was that I was expecting to be more than just 4cm of intestines inflamed, but that was it!  Nothing else so they barely cut anything.   

I can't take complete breaths yet really but if  I used spirometer it'd def be at least 150 compared to the weak 75 last time I got surgery.  I'll try and do it soon and write the number as soon as they bring it in.


OH MAN I SAW MY DICK with the foley catheter in it, shit looks nuts!  My mom would not let me take a picture and post it though, which I'm not sure if I would even do anyway hahaha...sorry kids!

In the operating room I was just chillin, I was in a pretty light mood, just hanging out watching them shave me and  some light jokes.  Then they put me out and then I woke up!   I wasn't nearly as goofy as I was yesterday when I woke up, but I still really couldn't keep my eyes open for a few hours.

I'm so glad right now that everything went well and I get to catch a break for little!  Thank you so much everyone who kept in their thoughts, or prayed or whatever you did.  The surgery went perfect as of now and I haven't run into any complications yet.  

Here's what I look like THIS time compared to having a gaping vagina on my stomach.

Okay I'm gonna go nap or go to sleep, I'm pretty tired.  RIP SHITBAG.

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