Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Surgery TODAY


Okay quick update, yesterday my colonoscopy/ileoscopy went fine obviously, I wasn't really worried.  I just woke up a little fucked up from the anesthesia but after five minutes of making talking baby gibberish I was fine.  My dad brought my down to earth a little when he wiped my face down with a cold rag...not the best way to wake up.

I stepped on a scale before my procedure...keep in mind I was like 163 two weeks ago (unless my scale was broken)...but not eating for two weeks will help you shed off all that fatty tissue!

I guess they were a little behind at the doctor's office yesterday because everything seemed a little rushed, that could also just be there wasn't much to say which I guess was a good thing.  The 
colonoscopy showed that I have a healthy colon and the ileoscopy only showed like 4 cm of inflammation which is expected from having the ileostomy surgery.  That being said, the doctor thinks there is something else going on that he couldn't really get to or see, so we're kinda just gonna go with my surgeon's "fuck it, we'll do it live" plan.  

My dad was in the room up until like two minutes before and then they kicked him out haha, I guess it wasn't going to be possible to get any footage.  Here's me like a few minutes before:

And here's me a few minutes after...

Wrecked....the first thing I hear waking up is a song I've been writing playing in my head, neat!  The procedure was fine, apparently you can get shit shoved an your ass when you're put out and not even feel anything after!  Makes me feel great about being put under anasthetics.  I asked my doctor if the ileoscopy is usually a big procedure and he said they usually don't even put you out for that but since they're doing a double whammy they might as well.  I woke up with a bag full of air, I guess because they were sticking stuff in it, but besides that I felt fine.  

After the procedure me and my dad went to hit the streets when my surgeon's office calls and asks if we wanted to do the surgery tomorrow...after lots of yelling/contemplating what to do we decide the best thing to do is just do the surgery asap and get everything over with kinda.    Being on liquids for two more days would just make me lose more weight, and then if I ran into problems I'd just have to go back in and be put on bowel rest again anyway so we figured we should just do it.  I had a funeral I really would have liked to have gone to but my whole family was of course very understanding and just wanting me to just get better.  I missed a wedding last week too, fuck. 

I still have some unanswered questions but they are just making me anticipating surgery more.  Not really being afraid is a nice feeling.  Plus the cool thing about anesthesia is that is doesn't fucking care if you're afraid anyways..once you get it you're sleepin.

I'm not really sure if I will be able to write anything else write after the surgery, but tomorrow I should be up and walking so hopefully I can type somethin' up.  

My new preference point for IV is the inside of the elbow so they just stuck me there, and actually as of now it's still kinda easy to type but we'll see how many days it holds up for!  i just didn't wanna get stuck in the hand again even though I don't really mind that much it's just gross for a second.

My surgery is scheduled for 1:30PM so they had me coming in at 12, but my surgeon is anticipating finishing his first surgery faster than the hospital is thinking (cause he's the FUCKING MAN) so he had me come in at 9am to chill a little.   

(update 1: okay it's 12:25 and still no sign of anything)
(update 2: okay 12:30 signing stuff bbl)

Usually for ileostomy reversal surgeries you're only in the hospital for about a week, which will be a walk in the park compared to the two and a half weeks after my last surgery.   Of course it's still surgery so I'm going to be banged up but hopefully it won't be so bad, I just hope they put the catheter in AFTER I'm asleep.  If anything I'll just revert to my masochist ways though, and I'll be fine.  

I'm excited to be out for my birthday!  (JULY 18th BRING ME PRESENTS).

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