Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Live from...

That's right, TOILET UPDATE!  I've been bringing my laptop in with me to the bathroom for whenever I poop because it's a good way to kill time.  Usually once I feel the urge to go it comes out pretty quick, but then there's always a second cramp wave that comes a little after that if I catch I can get some more poop out.  I ate a tuna sandwich last night, and it reeks like tuna in here, but I guess it's better than it reeking like shit.  

My stomach is swollen still on the right side where the ostomy used to be.  I'm not sure if it got better or worse, but I'm still pooping so I guess I can't really complain.  I'm actually worried because I've been pooping on a normal schedule, and I feel like that's way to soon for that to be happening.  It's most likely normal because the poop is probably having a hard time getting through the swollen part, but whenever I eat it tends to push the old poop out so it's okay.

I just picked up some Arnica Montana from GNC, which is some like homeopathic treatment which should help reduce the swelling.  Hopefully it works!  It might take a few days but I got no rush.  I got my staples taken out yesterday and I asked about the swelling and he said it is normal, most likely some blood clotting or a little adhesions or inflammation.  My other doctor called today and wasn't really worried either, I guess I'm the only person really worried!  Blood clots are more likely in people that smoke so there's a reason that it's stupid that I do smoke.

I actually was really worried all day and the night before too.  I had another dream where I was in a room with a bunch of other guys and we were all about to get surgery and I didn't understand why I needed to get it again it.  I guess I'm just really worried because things are going pretty well and I'm used to some petty bullshit happening.  This swelling has started to ease up a little I think and I'm still def pooping at least twice a day so I can't really have any complaints.

Here's what my franken-tummy looks like now, you can kinda see the swollen-tenderness on my right side:

And Yes, that is a BAITHING SUIT.  I'm going swimming!  Or I'm about to take a bath, either way I'm getting wet I guess, which I haven't really done since like Feb.  I'm pretty excited to be completely-submerged in water, even though I technically could have gone swimming with the bag I never did because it didn't really start getting nice out till recently.

By the way, I totally got denied when I asked if I can video-tape the staples out.  But it really was anti-climactic, it didn't really hurt.  Just watch staple removals on youtube, the guy who did mine (who also lanced my first rectal abscess) was really quick, it took like a minute and a half tops.  I asked if my mom could videotape, and he just laughed and said "no", which is probably better off because my mom was telling me she would pass out if she had to watch it.

My birthday was great, my sister got engaged and the whole weekend-into this week was a really nice time.  I should be seeing both my surgeon and my GI doctor within two weeks so hopefully that will go over well.  I am starting the 6MP again as of today and I am down to 10mg of Prednisone, tomorrow I'll start 5 for a few days and then I'll be done.  I just pooped a little again!

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