Sunday, July 5, 2009


So I actually passed a bunch of food without them having to stick the tube in!  Which is good news I think.  At least we know I can pass things so I feel a little better about being sent home tomorrow.  My intestines are still definitely swollen because it takes like 8 hours of stomach gurgling/pressure for something to come out, but then usually once comes out a bunch more does.  After I ate that delicious green ice it took like half a day for it to all come out, but then after that I had some other things to eat and it took a little less time so it is getting a little better.  I really only have to hold out until like Thursday anyway, that's when they're planning on doing my surgery!  I am excited, tomorrow I am getting sent home early and going into to NY for my illeoscopy and colonoscopy.  

I'm not really worried about my surgery at all, I'm glad I have a really tough surgeon because I feel like he is just like "LETS DO THIS MOTHERFUCKER".  I know I'm gonna be banged up, but most people tell me it's not as bad as it as when they actually do the illeostomy surgery, I guess we'll see.  I'm sure I'll be all hopped up on pain meds!

Oh man, which reminds me, when they came in to do blood-work yesterday I was like "so....are you guys testing my blood for drugs?"  No shame haha.  He was like "no we're not, why are you nervous?"  And I was just like "well...nah but my friends wanted to like bring a joint."  Couldn't say "my dad wanted to bring a joint" it just would make it even more awkward hahahaha.
I was only asking because I read on a Crohn's forum that if they're going to give you painkillers then there's a chance they might run a drug test on you to see if you are a "drug abuser" and then I think you just have to be under close watch or something?  I usually don't take pain killers as much as the normal-person anyway so I'm not that worried.  

Yesterday me and my dad went for a walk...around New Brunswick haha.  We just circled the block around the hospital, it's not like I feel really sick anyway so I was up for it.  Here's me by the end of Joyce Kilmer, which if you don't know is like a 10/15 minute walk from the Children's hospital.  

They took me off IV completely today, so who knows where I'll end up.  I'll be sure to bring my camera where I am haha.  I wanted to go running actually but they said maybe it's not a great idea because it would burn a lot of calories and it's not like I'm really getting a lot anyway.

Besides that, nothing much is really going on.  I've pretty much been here since June 20th minus the two and a half days in between.  But the good thing is that I've felt pretty okay for most of these days so I can't really complain.  I'm probably being more productive in here than I am at home sometimes, besides not going to work at all haha.  I think after my test on Monday I'm going to be home for a day or two until before my surgery.  I'm really glad it's not like serious emergency this time, everything is so less stressful and relaxed.  From now on I'm not really going to dick around as far as waiting to go to the doctor's, it doesn't really make sense to do and doesn't help anyone.  Last time I tried to be a tough guy, my bowel fucking perforated.  Ripped open and chilling and fevers and awful awful pain and infection.  Ouch.

Since I was smart this time I just get to kick back and enjoy the nice hospital and people and weather.  I'm really lucky to have awesome parents and a supportive group of family/friends too.  Here's a picture my mom sent me yesterday that made my day:

I'm going to try and bring my camera to NY tomorrow to see if there's any legal footage I can get of my ileoscopy and colonoscopy.  Both of these procedures I'm also not really worried about, idk I tend not to worry too much?  They know what they're doing haha.  Anyway hopefully he'll let my mom videotape him sticking a four to five foot camera on a wire up my asshole, and one down my stoma.  What rules about getting a Colonoscopy this time is there is no prep since I do not shit out of my butt really.  So no enemas or drinking gross laxatives or anything!  I think all I have to do is not eat before like midnight, but I'll prob stop eating a little earlier since I don't really know how blocked up I am and I don't want him to stick his camera into a bunch of shit, awkward!  Like him tube fucking (new favorite term) my butt isn't already awkward enough haha.

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